National LGBTQ+ Museum

The UK’s first museum dedicated to the LGBTQ+ experience has opened

Queer Britain is located in the heart of London’s King’s Cross and is the first of its kind in the country.

Registered charity Queer Britain aims for the new museum to be a fully inclusive space that celebrates the stories, people and places that are intrinsic to the queer community in the UK, and beyond. Queer Britain welcomes everyone free of charge and regardless of sexuality or gender identity and allows visitors to explore and learn about the past, present and future stories that the queer community is steeped in.

The Museum is backed by the Arts Council.

Jenny Waldman (she/ her), director of Art Fund who owns the Queer Britain building, said, “We’re delighted to welcome Queer Britain as our new tenants. Their exciting proposal for the first UK museum dedicated to exploring LGBTQ+ histories, people and ideas was warmly supported by our trustees, and we’re thrilled that our beautiful building in Granary Square will be home for the first phase of the Queer Britain museum. It promises to be an essential destination.’

Lisa Power (she/ her), Queer Britain trustee, said, “I’m really excited that Queer Britain is finally going to have a space to show what we can do and that we’re here for all the community, from old lesbian feminist warhorses like me to young queer folk of all genders and ethnicities. Queer Britain aims to tell our many and diverse histories, and now we have a home to do that from.’

Joseph Galliano (he/ him), the director and co-founder of Queer Britain, said, “It’s time the UK had an LGBTQ+ museum, for all. And we are delighted to have found our first home in beautiful Granary Square with Art Fund as our first landlord. It’s a prime location accessible to swathes of the country, and in a part of town with a rich Queer heritage.”

The space will include four galleries, a workshop, an education space, gift shop and offices for the Queer Britain team. The museum will be fully accessible via lifts and ramps and will always be free entry but welcomes donations to support its work

Queer Britain is located on the ground floor of 2 Granary Square, Kings Cross, London, NC1 4BH and opens on 05 may with a photographic display “Welcome to Queer Britain”

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