confidenCE In FITNESS

PRIDE LIFE talks to RACH & ISSY, elite transormation coaches who are EXPERTS IN Helping you feel confident – not only in
the skin that you’re in, but with who you are

So what’s so important about fitness?

Well, it’s great for our cardiovascular health and can help reduce high blood pressure – this can help manage and improve health conditions and illnesses, as well as decreasing your chances of developing other health conditions. Being fit can build bone density and strengthen and stabilise muscles and joints, which means less injuries, niggles, aches and pains and bad backs. Fitness also leads to us having increased energy levels as we adapt to more movement, it helps us sleep better which equals happier moods all round and leads to being more emotionally resilient. Plus, it’s not often you ever feel worse for a workout

Now to the next question – with the age of the internet, YouTube, Instagram and Google, with the overwhelming amount of fitness advice and knowledge available, and with everyone purporting to be a fitness influencer (whether they are qualified or not) – where do you start? Enter LGBT FIT.

LGBT FIT has been created by Rachael Capper (Pilates, meditation and pranayama) and Isabella Beni (personal trainer, nutrition coach), two qualified fitness professionals with a combined 16 years experience in the industry. Rach & Issy have a true passion to help people in whatever way they might need and understand that not everyone has the same physique goals and that fitness means different things to different people. This is why they started LGBT FIT.

They wanted to create a safe space, judgement- free zone, in which everyone is welcome exactly as they are, allies included. They also wanted the space to be a holistic approach to fitness, covering everything from cardio blasts, HIIT and strength and conditioning, to different types of Pilates sessions (expect some slower and more intuitive movement, beautiful stretch sessions, as well as core-sculpting classes, fiery flows and all-over body strength work) along with guided meditations and breathworks for all levels.


LGBT FIT is available to help people in different ways, dependent upon their needs. You can work directly with them one to one on your own specific aims and goals, or in a small group with coaching and check ins and this can be done online or face to face in Berkshire.

For those that want fitness on the go with them, LGBT FIT is creating an online platform where you can access their entire video library from anywhere in the world, on any device, at any time that suits you, so you can press play, pause and move on your terms.You can sign up to hear about the launch by following this link:

LGBT FIT is also running the Wellness side of Out & Wild Festival this June in Pembrokeshire, Wales, the first festival designed for queer and questioning women and those who are non- binary. LGBT FIT is able to offer Pride Life Global readers an exclusive discount by following the below link, or going to the offer site in the pink box and using code PrideLife1:

Getting, being and keeping both physically and mentally fit should be something we all feel comfortable in doing and be supported in doing so. The health and fitness world has long been dominated by mainstream ideals; from assumptions about ideal body types, to membership forms that require checking a male or female only box. We’re glad it’s slowly shifting and LGBT FIT is helping to drive this change.

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